Home Office {Cropice IV}


{Constructing the Built-Ins with Thomas}


We began with two of these bad boys from Craig’s List. They’re pretty uggs/hids, but for $40 total we couldn’t turn them down. Thomas added 1×8’s around the bottoms and 1×2’s to the sides for decorative molding. We painted them white and mint on the backs. Thomas then brought them into the room and attached them to the wall using L-brackets. He finished the tops with more wood and crown molding. Once in, we painted the top section white to match.


You can see Thomas prepping for the desktop. He used this 2×4 to brace the backside of the desktop and add support.

IMG_4288 IMG_4289

That black bracket is for our computer monitor. Check out Daddy’s helpers {you can see how long ago this was}.


We like to hide our wires when possible. Use a wire hanger to fish the cords behind the drywall.

IMG_4293 IMG_4294IMG_4298

Assembling the desktop {3/4″ plywood desk wrapped with 1×4’s}. Once assembled, he slid the desktop through the precut notches in the bookcase. Underneath the desktop he used more L-brackets to secure it.

Katie’s Domain: Decorate

{Left Side}

IMG_7299 IMG_7291 IMG_7278 IMG_7279 IMG_7280 IMG_7325 IMG_7282 IMG_7331 IMG_7276IMG_7285 IMG_7288

{Right Side}

IMG_7260 IMG_7313 IMG_7312IMG_7271

Thomas added this wrapping paper organizer using dowels and door stoppers/bumpers that he modified. We plan on adding one more thinner dowel for ribbon organization.


Fun family photos taken by the one and only Auntie Cole! She is awesome.


I love to hide supplies and clutter in pretty boxes.


You can print a template for this sign here: I love you because (grey) or here I love you because (Lt Blue)


I love to keep some of my favorite cards and photos here. Thanks, Nikki for the coolest b-day card!

IMG_7323 IMG_7321

These reference books are dedicated to my mom! She’s one of the only people I know who keeps a dictionary on her desk and still uses it. She bought me this one while I was in college. Honestly mom, I don’t think its ever been opened. Is she the only person left who doesn’t go straight to Google?

{Final Thoughts}


We’ve still got a little work to do {art, ribbon holder and chair re-do}. So glad you got to see our entire Cropice. Hope it was enjoyable. Please comment with any questions.


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    Catarina Stout

    Such great attention to detail! All the hard work definitely pays off :)

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